Bud Zirkle was born and raised in Harrisonburg and has lived in Virginia for over 20 years. Bud graduated from VMI with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1980. He has founded several start-ups since then. After working in Washington, Atlanta, New York, and Richmond, Bud moved to Charlottesville in the mid 1990s and has remained here ever since. Bud has close personal ties to Martha Jefferson House – his first and second mothers-in-law were Residents of the facility, and his own mother is currently a Resident.

Background and Information:
Outside of MJH, Bud is the principal of Centaurus Communications. With over 25 years of
experience in telecommunications, Bud brings to MJH a unique perspective on business
management in continuing healthcare. Outside of work, Bud has been involved with the Boys
and Girls Clubs of Central VA since 2005.

Position and Term:
Bud has been on the MJH Board since October 2019.

Board Member Bud Zirkle Photo