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Brookwood Therapeutic Services at Martha Jefferson House offers our residents and patients throughout the Charlottesville community access to quality therapeutic services for neurologic disorders such as stroke, vertigo, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Gait and Balance Disorders, as well as musculoskeletal injuries, pain disorders, long COVID, and Geriatric Deconditioning from illness. Through a holistic approach unique to each patient, our services include fostering a healthy and robust lifestyle that follows you even after ending your sessions with us.

Senior holding weights to help with physical therapy.
Senior sitting with an expert to help with their occupational therapy.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy works on restoring normal movement and function, while addressing issues on pain, weakness, loss of motion or lack of coordination.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy helps by assisting you in restoring your daily routine and activities. This may include the way in which you care for yourself, your family, or your home. OT will work to keep you independent and doing what you love.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy addresses speech language and voice disorders to improve communication, as well as treats swallowing dysfunction.

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We will help you in your journey of recovery by working to restore your ability to walk, taking care of yourself, enjoying activities with your family and overall help you to regain your strength.


Losing your balance is not automatic with aging. Have you fallen or feel like you lose your balance easily? We can help through an assessment to determine your specific needs for strengthening areas for fall prevention.

Vestibular & Vertigo Disorders

BPPV is a condition that can come onspontaneously causing severe dizziness for bursts of seconds. Often times this is experienced when getting out of bed, looking up, or bending forward. We treat BPPV (often called vertigo) and other various vestibular disorders affecting balance and movement through a specific program designed for your symptoms. 

Gait & Balance Disorders

Many things can disturb your ability to walk indoors and outdoors, climb stairs, and maintain balance while going about your every day life. Physical Therapists are movement specialists who are trained to keep you safe while challenging your body enough to adapt. These adaptations will make movement easier, safer, and help foster a more active lifestyle.


Recovering from COVID can take time and Physical Therapists are well-placed to support those with long COVID in the management of your symptoms. In the absence of a cure, we provide strategies to reduce the impact of persistent symptoms on your life. Occupational Therapists can assist, as well, in working with you to help in your daily routine by conserving energy while you are recovering. This allows you to maximize your function and participation in the process.

Geriatric Deconditioning

As one ages, it can be harder to get back to full function after an illness or injury. We will help you return to your prior level in a safe and effective way by systematically dosing a fun exercise program that is closely monitored.

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