Our primary goal in establishing Brookwood is to increase the excellence of our Residents’ experience in living independently or with assistance in the varying levels of care that we will offer through this Health & Wellness initiative.

Martha Jefferson House Supplemental Therapeutic Services and Concierge Services

Private Individual Health and Wellness Technician Services

Private Concurrent Health and Wellness Technician Services

Private Group Health and Wellness Technician Services

Private Individual Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapy Services

Private Concurrent Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapy Services

Private Group Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapy Services

Weekly scheduled Exercise Groups

Deep green awning over the door with Brookwood Health & Wellness on it.

Brookwood Health & Wellness at Martha Jefferson House would like to introduce the approach for optimizing Health, Wellness and Safety. It is called the “Hearthstone Approach” and was developed as Dr. Heather Parrott’s dissertation. The ‘Hearthstone Approach’ was designed from the desire to create an environmental, psycho-social and educational setting that promotes opportunities to foster Residents’ optimal health and wellness, as well as opportunities for personal and career growth and development for Caregivers.

Hearth is a word familiar to us all. It is a place of warmth, a place of sharing a meal with stories of the day and sharing lives together. The hearthstone is strong and steady, with other stones placed around it, taking their support from it. It represents lasting and enduring stability that perseveres through all difficulties.

The ‘Hearthstone Approach’ emanates the strong premise that if caregiving is based on a defined, structured and empowering model, that a higher quality of experience can be achieved for all team members, including Residents, Families and Staff. With this model itself functioning, it showcases as a ‘hearthstone’ does in a home.

In continuing to honor the founder of Martha Jefferson House, see how the name of Brookwood was established.

Headshots of Hunter Perry when he was a young boy and another headshot of him as a senior.

Hunter Carlyle Perry

Hunter Perry of “Brookwood”, a quiet philanthropist who avoided publicity, died in a Charlottesville hospital at the age of 81.  He was born in Norfolk on Jan. 12, 1887, son of Joab Sawyer Perry and Eleanor Land Perry.  Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Huntington, W. Virginia and then to Roanoke.  Perry was a student at V.P.I. in Blacksburg for a short time and then entered the University of Chicago where he became a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.  He later attended Leland Sanford University in Palo Alto, California.  He moved to Atlanta, Ga. in the early 1900’s becoming active in the real estate business in association with the Adair Realty Co.  Perry served with distinction in the U.S. Army during World War I, seeing combat duty in France and was promoted to Captain.  He married Miss Leone Lodson of Atlanta in 1919 and they continued to live in Atlanta until the early 1930’s when they came to Albemarle County.  Mrs. Perry died Oct. 1, 1938, and after her death, Perry made his home with his sister, Mrs. Lillian Perry Edwards at Ivy.  Upon coming here, he purchased the Paramount Theater and formed the Dominion Theaters Corp.  The corporation subsequently acquired all the movie theaters in Charlottesville and also became the owner of a number of movie theaters throughout the state.  These theater interests were sold in 1949.  He and his sister established the Perry Foundation, a charitable foundation that has brought many benefits to the community.  Upon retiring from active business, Perry devoted himself to the affairs of the foundation, operating out of a simple, one-room office in downtown Charlottesville.  He served as director of the Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville and as president and director of Priddle Oil & Gas Co. of Huntington, W. Va.  He was president of Farmington at the time of his death.  Perry is survived by his sister, Mrs. Lillian Perry Edward, and by a niece, Mrs. Keith Martin.  A service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at St. Paul’s Church in Ivy.  Burial is to be at St. Paul’s cemetery.