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Imagine in 1921 seeing a beautiful brick Georgian style mansion at the end of the private cul-de-sac with a lush forest that surrounded it. As the years have gone by, The University of Virginia has built around that same private cul-de-sac, bringing together not only the opportunity for UVA students to volunteer and be a part of our neighborhood, but also for alumni to live near the grounds once more. With amazing shopping, restaurants, theaters and parks nearby there is something for everyone at the Martha Jefferson House.

Monticello Aerial View

Over 60 Years of Senior Care in Central Virginia

In 1957, Hunter Carlyle Perry created Martha Jefferson House with the intention of making a retirement home for seniors needing assistance in their daily living. Over the years, it has grown into a community within the House where assistance comes to you–Independent, Residential or Assisted Living–as your needs increase, we meet those needs right where you live. Our shared purpose … “Martha Jefferson House is ALL about our Residents, it’s their home and it’s our pleasure to care for them.”

The Perry Wing offers beautiful, spacious, and modern one-and two-bedroom
apartments. Several on the ground level offer a private terrace with the second floor
sharing a balcony overlooking the rose garden. All Apartments come with a washer
and dryer, full kitchens, heated bathroom floors and spacious closets. Independent
Living Residents in The Perry Wing needing assistance need not move to transition
to assisted living…as care comes to you.

Eleanor’s Landing is designed for the Resident who loves the history of Martha Jefferson House. This is located on the 2nd floor of the main House with two Suites and two Studios. Two of our Apartments share a semi-private balcony which overlooks The Perry Wing gardens.

Hunter’s Way is made up of Suites and Studios throughout three floors in the area that was created with the design that Hunter Carlyle Perry had in mind upon purchasing The House. This area is for independent Residents as well as someone who needs support with ADLs through assisted living, without the need for full nursing care.

The Carlyle is our licensed intermediate nursing center for residents who require 24/7 care. We bring together a home-like environment with a caring CNA and Nursing Staff to give you and your family peace of mind for care of daily needs. 

Brookwood Therapeutic Services at Martha Jefferson House would like to introduce the approach for optimizing Health, Wellness and Safety. It is called the “Hearthstone Approach” and was developed as Dr. Heather Parrott’s dissertation. The ‘Hearthstone Approach’ was designed from the desire to create an environmental, psycho-social and educational setting that promotes opportunities to foster Residents’ optimal health and wellness, as well as opportunities for personal and career growth and development for Caregivers. 

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