Our Mission

“My reason for writing the story of Martha Jefferson House is to record the effect of its establishment on the lives of those who have lived there and on other people in the orbit of the House and Health Care Center.

The design of the founders, Hunter Perry and Lillian Perry Edwards, to provide a place of security and dignity for the final years of older people has been fulfilled in a way that is even greater than they, the Perrys, could have imagined. It is as though their altruistic gesture triggered a chain-reaction of a similar selflessness in those connected with this household, from members of the volunteer Operating Committee on through to the staff and employees. Residents through the years have responded to the gift of the House by a spirit of benevolence of their own in a continual outpouring of small acts of kindness, good cheer, and consideration among and between each other.

It is an old and well-known theory: the effect of a good deed in spreading the light, in making even the best people better; but it is by example, by keeping the record, that the concept endures and thus proves to be true.”

Excerpt from The Light We See, A Memoir-History of Martha Jefferson House, written by Mary Scott Parker Blake, 1986.

Mission Statement